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 Worksheets, reference forms, and checklists designed by a professional writing coach have everything you need to write and publish a book and build your author platform in six short months, and nothing you don’t need. Only $47!

   Hey writer-

Want to write and publish a quality book, on the tightest budget possible?

Whether you’re a more experienced author or a beginning writer, the process of writing, editing, and publishing your book may seem psychologically daunting, but also financially impossible. But the idea of hiring a writing coach to keep you on track, keep your mindset where it needs to be, and help you to avoid mistakes and roadblocks, is just not a financial reality right now.

If you’re a DIY type, this is the valuable tool that will deliver ALL the inspiration, information, mindset and motivation you need. Our workbook is designed to help you achieve your author dreams within six months for just $47, offering a step-by-step schedule and milestones for each phase, at ZERO additional cost. 

Your instructor, professional writing coach Karena Akhavein

Karena Akhavein, PhD. is a writing coach with decades of experience helping authors make their publishing dreams a reality.

Wait, how do I write and publish a high-quality book at no cost to me beyond this $47 workbook?

Month 1 of online writing course from idea to published in 6 months


 This workbook is organized month-by-month to keep you from getting overwhelmed, but you can always slow down or speed up. The first few pages are about getting you set up and building a strong foundation for your story and for your author platform. Writing and journaling exercises throughout play the role of a virtual writing coach, helping you to break through resistance and stop making excuses, as well as addressing common issues like fear and imposter syndrome.

Writing Skills

Dive into expertly designed prompts and exercises that ignite your creativity, helping you shape your story from the first spark of inspiration to a compelling manuscript. Once you have learned all of the elements of a good story, including characters, plot, and pacing, our proprietary method will help you to build a simple outline that WORKS and give you a complete editable manuscript in record time. Follow the directions and you’ll feel like you have a writing coach at your disposal to let you in on all the writing hacks that make the toughest stuff feel easy.


month 2 online writing course from idea to published in 6 months


Yes, hiring a professional editor is optimal. But when the state of your budget dictates that you’re writing and publishing a book without hiring any outside professionals, beta readers are going to be a valuable resource.  Our step-by step instructions and work sheets will get your manuscript to where it’s ready for a first pass, and our self-editing checklists will be an invaluable tool. Discover the secrets of effective self-editing with in-depth guidance on grammar, style, and structure – turning your rough draft into a polished gem.

Author platform & book marketing

Yes, you could hire a website designer, a social media manager, and a personal assistant to help you build your author platform, or you could just use these reference sheets. The workbook includes a wireframe for your website landing page, (OK, you might have to pay for a website but that’s the price of a lunch out) social media content calendars and algorithm tips for various platforms, as well as how to build a mailing list for free. With these tips, no need for paid ads! You’ll get the lowdown on marketing strategies tailored for authors. Uncover tips and tricks to create a buzz, grow your readership, and even boost your book sales.


 Learn the ins and outs of self-publishing, from formatting your manuscript to   navigating the world of ISBNs and cover design. We demystify the self-publishing process for you! You know all those websites that charge you for essentially self-publishing your book? That is DEFINITELY money wasted. With step by step instructions, you will feel that you CAN do this self-publishing yourself. And if your goal is to query agents and publish conventionally, we’ve got the advice and how-to’s that will make all the difference.

Still wondering, why is DIY Author worth every penny of the low $47 cost?

 -Comprehensive and easy-to-follow, ensuring writers of all levels can benefit.

-Empowers you to take control of your author journey from start to finish.

-Provides essential knowledge and tools to navigate the competitive world of publishing.

-Facilitates the fulfillment of your dream to become a published author in just half a year!

Don’t let your writing aspirations remain unfulfilled – seize the opportunity with the “DIY Author” Workbook today. With its invaluable guidance and a price that won’t break the bank, it’s your key to unlocking the author within you. Start your journey toward literary success now!