Online courses for writers

Online courses are a convenient and effective tool to help writers level up in their writing career.


These courses were specially formulated by a professional writing coach with a PhD in literature and years to teaching experience to help you:


-Gain writing skills

-Build your author platform

-Transform your mindset

-Publish your book in less time.

DIY Author

If you’re on a strict budget, and a DIY type, this is the valuable tool that will deliver ALL the inspiration, information, mindset and motivation you need. Our workbook is designed to help you achieve your author dreams within six months for just $47, offering a step-by-step schedule and milestones for each phase. Yes, you can get your book written, edited, formatted, and published, and build an author platform, essentially for free. 

From idea to published in 6 months

More than just a regular writing course. This is a whole masterclass designed by a professional writing coach to help both new writers and more advanced ones get informed, inspired, motivated, and on track to get a novel ready for publication in 6 short months while building an author platform. 

Course includes office hours, worksheets, and video instruction. 

From Aspiring Writer to Successful Author

Been dreaming of being a successful author for a long time now, but you still can’t see a clear path to writing success? Need help getting ready to kick your writing career into gear?

This transformational, foundational course is for you. This course will fix problem mindsets and awaken your motivation so you can finally finish and publish your book.

Course creation for storytellers

 Have you been looking for a way to create an evergreen source of income that will allow you to devote more time and energy to writing? As a writer, you’re a natural teacher. This course, designed specifically for writers, will teach you how to harness storytelling to create and teach transformational online courses of your own.

Media Training for writers

Harness the power of video, whether it’s for online course creation, webinars, YouTube videos, Tiktok, or your social media platform.

 This budget-priced course (included for free in Course Creation for Storytellers) will help you to banish awkwardness, stop the excuses, and feel more confident producing high-quality videos. 

TikTok for authors

 BookTok and AuthorTok are a veritable cultural phenomenon, responsible for helping writers gain more visibility and sell more books than ever before.

TikTok is the key ingredient to quickly building community and an effective author platform. But it can be intimidating.

Writing coach and author Karena Akhavein has used TikTok to grow her career, promote her writing services, and sell more books (even under a pen name!). She has also helped clients get videos with over a million views within a week, and she can teach you to leverage TikTok for your writing career, too.

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