What’s really keeping you from writing success?

You’ve wanted to be a writer forever now…but you never managed to truly make it happen. The traditional excuse of “writer’s block” doesn’t explain why most writers fail. Do you want to find out what is actually blocking you? Take the quiz featured in our book here and get your analysis for free!

Are you ready to be transformed?

 Serious about your writing success? This is the course for you!

Optional one on one coaching strategy sessions

When you really want to get better at something, hiring a coach is the smart way to go. Taking this course is a lot like working with a coach, but you also have the option of having two phone or video sessions with a professional PhD writing coach with years of experience, at a special price.

Personalized Success Roadmap

Do you feel like you’re trying to use a GPS with no address to work from? Our worksheets will help you to find the most direct route to success.

Mantras for writers

When you’re a little freaked out and you need that little reminder that yes, you’re actually meant to be a writer, these mantras will keep you on track .

Extra success tools

We’ll give you worksheets and actionable lessons on the bestseller formula, on author platforms, on productivity, and more. 

Anonymous message board

Got a “silly” question? want to vent about something? Hoping to reach out to other writers for their opinion on your character’s name, or on a plot point? Our anonymous message board is better than random Facebook groups because everyone on the board is as motivated as you are.


Sometimes you feel like you’re doing everything right, or at least doing everything you can. But it’s not working. We will find the tweaks that will break through the roadblocks and transform you as a writer.

Motivation & Accountability

Our progress badges will motivate you to keep moving forward and remind you of how far you’ve come.

Targeted Quizzes

The Spalmorum Method require radical self-honesty. Our book psychs you up but the quizzes in our course will help you to pinpoint problem mindsets in record time.

Book included!

You’ll get a ton out of this course, but having the book to refer back to as well is a great idea. A PDF of the book “Writer’s Block is not why Writers Fail” is included with every course. 

What will you learn?

Why writer’s block is not why writers fail, and how to beat the odds of writing success.

How to determine what kind of book you should really be writing, and why that matters.

The roadmap to success- how to write and market a book that follows the bestseller formula.

What writer’s block is, and what it is not, and which blocks affect you most.

Foolproof ways to get and stay inspired.

Why it’s not about “talent.” What you do and don’t need to know to write a successful book.

The mindsets and simple actions that will keep you motivated and truly productive.

How your ego hurts you when it comes to writing, and how to bypass your ego in building an effective author platform.

An immediate way to eliminate excuses.

How to identify and replace the problem mindsets that are holding you back.

3 tools for writing success that are so good, they are like MAGIC.

The ONE thing most writers hate, but that makes THE biggest difference in success, and how to master it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have questions! Deciding to take a course like this is a decision you don’t take lightly. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please feel free to reach out to us.

Why this particular course? How is it different?

Most courses focus on writing skills and practice. If you’re stuck, you know that all the skills and practice in the world won’t help you to move forward with your book. This addresses the crucial mindset you need to succeed as a writer. It helps to funnel knowledge and skills into action so you can be a productive writer. THAT is what will make the difference.

How tech savvy do I need to be for this?

If you can surf the web, you can take this course. It is very clear and self-explanatory. There are no new skills to learn. 

What if this doesn't work for me?

We truly believe that, if you put in the work, this course will be nothing short of transformational. However, if for some reason you decide that it was not right for you within the first 30 days, we will give you a 100% refund and use your experience and feedback to make the course even better. 

I'm a new or newer writer... or an experienced writer...will this course work for me?

This course works for all writers. If you’re a new writer you will find that adopting the right mindset and actions right off the bat will give you a huge time and energy success advantage. If you’re an experienced writer, this course will give you the breakthrough you need to level up in your writing career.

How is the content delivered?

The Spalmorum Method course takes your unique learning style into account, and respects your busy schedule. You’ll be getting online quizzes, reading clearly laid out information, completing worksheets, and watching or listening to video content. See what works best for you! 

How much of a discount do I get if I buy now?

The current cost is $97 for just the course and $250 for the course plus coaching. When the pandemic is over, the cost will go back up to normal: $197/ $397. During the pandemic, you can “top up” and reserve 2 hours of coaching for $175. Afterwards, the cost for coaching top-up will be $250.

How much time do I need to spend? Isn't my time better spent writing?

This course is designed so that you can go along at your own pace. Want to go slow and go over each module several times? You can do that. Want to blast through it and then go over select sections more in depth afterwards? You can do that, too. If you’re reading this, you are stuck with your writing in some way, so you need to get unblocked before you can be productive again.

How do I register?

As soon as your payment is processed through our secure portal, you will receive access to the course. Unlike some courses that slowly drip content, with this course, you will get everything up front so you can work at your own pace, and it will always be available.

Do I need to start right away after I purchase?

Nope! Life happens. This course is currently priced at less than half of what it will be selling for due to the financial and emotional hardships brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. While this is a GREAT time to write a book, it is also a difficult time. So buy now and get the discount, and rest assured that you will have access forever. You will be able to book your coaching when you are ready and not before. You will also have access to every update and bonus we produce along the way.

How long will I have access to the materials?

You will have access to the materials forever, and will benefit from the online community and all of our updates and new bonus materials as well.

What if didn't purchase the one on one coaching and I realize I need more support?

It is cheaper to purchase the package deal, and both the course and the coaching are currently at a lower price than they’ll ever be, but in light of these difficult times, once you purchase the course at this low rate, you will be “locked in” to purchase 2 hours of coaching at a lower rate ($175, rather than the $250 2 hours of coaching will cost later). The coaching can be done at any time.

The most important question: Is this course for me?
The writer Joseph Epstein famously claimed that 81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them. That would be about 261 million people at any given point.  Yet statistics show that only around 172,000 people in the US claim to be employed as a writer or author. Other sources figure closer to 45, ooo, which might be due to income threshold or other factors. Whichever number you pick, it’s still a minuscule fraction of those who say they feel a calling to write.  Are you one of the approximately 260,828,000 people who wish they could call themselves authors, but are still stuck being aspiring writers? Do you feel that there something in your way, keeping you from success? Maybe you’ve thought a lot about writing a book, but you never got started. Maybe you started writing, but you never finished. Maybe you actually finished writing a whole book, but then it never went anywhere. In any or all of these cases, you have probably experienced some level of pain in the form of disappointment, shame, regret, or guilt. This course is for you.

I was so discouraged, but now I finally have an actionable plan. I’m so glad I invested in myself.

Susanne Brown

Strategies from this course helped not only with my writing, but also with other key aspects of my creative business.

Linda Cosgrove

I signed up for the extra coaching . Karena really listened  and took my specific book, goals, and personality into account. She kindly gave me a much needed kick in the butt!

Barbara Mackay-Smith

Karena Akhavein, PhD

I was just like you. I dreamed of being an author. I got a PhD in literature from an Ivy League school, wrote several books, worked in magazines for decades, and worked as a ghostwriter and editor. But there was something missing. Somehow, I still felt like an “aspiring writer” and knew that this attitude was keeping me from the level of success I wanted.

Once I figured out which problem mindsets were impacting me and worked out a system to get rid of them and replace them with positive mindsets leading to action, everything changed.  I got “unstuck” for good.

I wrote my book, “Writer’s Block is not why Writers Fail,” and  developed this course in order to share this powerful system, The Spalmorum Method, and help others in similar situations. 

I’m so excited to have you embark on this transformation, too. Your readers are counting on you!

Your story matters.

If you embark on this journey today, by this time next year there is a good chance that you'll have finished your book and either have published it or be well on the road to publication. Think of how good that will make you feel. The sense of achievement, of accomplishement. Of knowing that you did what you set out to do, that you're finally an author instead of still stuck being an aspiring writer. 

Now think of how you'll feel if you don't take this journey. The pain of realizing that you've cheated yourself out of your biggest goal in life. The embarrassment of proving the naysayers right. The mortification of having friends ask you about your book and having to tell them that you never finished it. 

Wanting to be a successful author isn't just a selfish thing.  Your story truly matters. If there is just one person out there who can be touched or inspired by your book, just one person who reads your book and is moved to become more creative, or to be more kind, or to look at the world with a sense of wonder... you'll have done something amazing. If you don't write your book, you will never touch that reader. And that, my friend, is a tragedy.

I'll see you inside the course.

xoxo, Karena

We wrote the book on writer’s block!

Are you a DIY sort of person? Not sure you want to commit to the course? Buy the book and get an introduction to many of the mindset concepts we will be working with in the course- the same brain hacks that help successful creative entrepreneurs to level up in their careers. Once you’ve read the book you’ll be even more prepared for the course and its exercises and worksheets. Want to skip straight to the course? A PDF of the book is included with it for free!